quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2014

UKOUG - Tech14 - Review

Participei do evento Tech14 do UKOUG que ocorreu em Liverpool de 08/12 à 10/12.

Chegada no evento:

Oracle ACE Dinner:


Indexing Q&A by

How Oracle Works in 50 minutes

Apex for DBA Audience by

Opening Keynote

Analytic Functions by

Using Golden Gate to migrate your RDBMS in a zero downtime environment

AWR: Looking Beyond the Wait Events and Top SQL by


Top five things you need to know about Oracle Database In-Memory option by

RAC Best Practices by

Oracle Flex Cluster: Laying a Foundation for the Cloud

Zero Downtime Migration using Logical Replication by

 EM Snap Clone: Snapshot your Data without Snapping your Storage by

Getting started with Oracle VM 3

The Data Guard Broker: why it is recommended by


Oracle RAC, Data Guard and Pluggable Databases: When Maa Meets Multitenant by

Implementing Oracle Access Manager the Easy way

Nossa apresentação sobre Oracle Data Redaction

More Things about Oracle Database 12c by

Understanding Oracle RAC ( Internals: The Cache Fusion Edition by

Oracle Multitenant: The current and future architecture of the Oracle Database

will be in Birmingham 7-9 December

Até 2015...

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