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Collaborate 15 - Review

Participei do evento Collaborate15, que ocorreu em Las Vegas de 12 à16/04.

Hotel do Evento:



 RAC Attack:


 Opening Keynote com Erik Wahl:

 Oracle  Database 12c - In-Memory Internals:

The Best Oracle Database 12c Tuning Features:

 Exadata Exachk and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Keeping up with Exadata:

 Twitter 101:

 Oracle Exadata Technical Deep Dive: Architecture and Internals:

 Oracle Automatic Storage Management: What's New and Best Practices:

 Deep Dive: How Upgrade Works in a Multitenant Environment:

Oracle ACE Dinner:


 Oracle Optimizer: What's New in Oracle Database 12c?

 Oracle RAC 12c ( Best Practices:

 Design and Implement Your Own Self-Service Enabled Private Cloud with Oracle EM12c:

 Mining the AWR: Alternative Methods for Identification of the Top SQLs in Your Database:

 Oracle Indexes: From the Concept to Internals:


  OakTable: Augmenting SQL Monitor:

 AWR DB performance Data Mining:

 Obscuring Data in Oracle 12c with Oracle Data Redaction:

 Implementing Oracle Database12c's Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization for Database Storage Performance and Cost:

 Nothing to BLOG About - Think Again:


 Top 10 Oracle Database Tuning Tips and Techniques:

 DB12c: All You Need to Know About the Resource Manager:

 Oracle Database 12c New Features for Developers:

 Creative 12c Redo Maneuvers:

Até 2016 :)

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