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How to study for 1z0-1067 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Cloud Operations Associate

Hi all,

Some people were asking me on how to study for 1z0-1067!

The focus for this test is day-to-day activities, you need to know the commands/syntax and not only concepts. Of course, concepts are very important to understand the questions.

What you need to focus on?

  • Oci-cli
  • Terraform
  • Policies
  • MQL
  • Quotas
  • What and how you can move Cross-region
  • Budgets and Alerts
  • What is related to Compartments and what is related to the Tenancy
  • Upload and Download files using the cli and the console
  • Tags
  • NVMe - Performance and how to protect
  • Object Storage life cycle
  • VPNs

You can find everything here:

And here:

But I recommend you to have a free account and test everything you can!

These videos and PDFs are good to understand the test:

Exam Preparation: OCI Cloud Operations Associate

You can find more material here, on the link "Download Exam Resources (ZIP)":

Don't forget to read the Study Guide:

You can find some example of questions here:

It wasn't available when I did the exam, so, I can't tell you how good are these questions!

Keep in mind, do not underestimate this test, or you will fail miserably, like me in January :)

Go back to the hard work:

And last but not least, stay away from Brain Dumps!

Best of luck
Alex Zaballa

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