sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2020

No more Flash, even for old SQL Monitor Reports

 Hi all,

Yesterday, I was working helping a customer with some performance issues.

After getting an active SQL Monitor Report, I just realize the look and feel changed and Flash is not needed. Even for a 12.1 database.

I knew Oracle has changed for the new database versions, on the new version of the Enterprise Manager, and on the SQL Developer.

But I got using this SQL Monitor using dbms_sqltune.report_sql_monitor.

set linesize 1000 pagesize 100 verify off trimout on trimspool on echo off head off feed off timing off termout off long 1000000 longchunksize 1000000

set serveroutput on size 1000000

spool sqlmon.html replace

clear scr

select dbms_sqltune.report_sql_monitor(

                sql_id => 'gnsttp2mawhty',


                type => 'ACTIVE')

from dual;

spool off

My first thought was to check if any patch was applied to the database and it was not.

Then I tried to open an old SQL Monitor from January/2020 and I saw the new format and no flash needed:

I posted this on Twitter (you can follow the thread here):

Andi Schloegl pointed to this:

Looks like Oracle changed the JS on their side, which makes sense since Flash will be not supported in all browsers after December/2020.

When I have time, I will try to investigate the changes in and related files.


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