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How to study for 1Z0-1104-23 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Security Professional

Hi everyone,

I decided to take all the 2023 OCI exams to check what changed and guide people in taking these certifications.

Well, not all exams. I will do only the ones that I did in 2019 to 2022 and are the things that I work on a day-to-day basis 🙂

This test has a new format, with hands-on questions. Which is great in my opinion :)

After the hands-on, you will need to answer 25 questions (same as previous exam format).

On this test, I expected to see some new things(comparing the course topics with the previous years). And that's true, I got a lot of new questions.

A good starting point is here:

Reading the Official documentation is always a plus for the exams:

I also recommend you take a deep look at network features, peering, NSGs, SLs, connectivity, and how they relate to security. Don't forget to go deep on Vault, Keys, Secrets, WAF, etc.

I hope Oracle is planning to allow us to download the PDFs again because the online reader is terrible. From 0 to 10, the usability of this tool is -1, especially on mobile devices.

Don't forget to read the topics:

The practice exam is good and you can have a good feel of what to expect during the exam.

If you are not finding available slots until September/30, just keep trying.
They keep adding slots and this is the answer that I got after opening an SR (Thanks Mónica Godoy for the tip):

And last but not least, stay away from Brain Dumps!

Best of luck
Alex Zaballa

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