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You Should Avoid Brain Dumps When Preparing for Certifications

Every time I do a certification test, I start receiving messages from people asking for brain dumps.

Please, Don't ask me for Brain dumps!
I don't use and I advise you never use it!
Using Brain Dumps is Cheating!

What Is a Brain Dump?

 It is a collection of actual exam questions and answers, that has been captured by someone who has recently taken the exam.

Why don't use:

 - Using a Brain Dump breaks the certification agreement
 - Brain Dumps provide no real learning
 - You will not "survive" in a technical interview
 - If you get a job, you will probably be fired when you face real-world problems
 - You Can Get Banned from the Certification Program

Please, read carefully:


Especially if you are planning to do the OCM exam one day, only study and use the Official Oracle Documentation.

Ok, I confess, I'm using Oracle-Base every day too.
But it's based on the official Oracle Documentation, just in a better way of understanding :)

Conclusion: Use the certifications to learn and be prepared for your day-to-day challenges :)

Alex Zaballa

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