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How to study for 1z0-931-20 - Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist

Hi all,

Some people were asking me on how to study for 1z0-931-20!

First thing, forget about 1z0-931.
This new test is completely different.

New topics for the 2020 version:

  • Autonomous Database Technical Overview
  1. (Added in 2020) Describe the Different ADB offerings
  2. (Added in 2020) Describe License type, requirements and changing options
  3. (Added in 2020) Describe a typical workflow for using ADB Dedicated Infrastructure
  4. (Added in 2020) Describe the added functionality unique to ADB Dedicated Infrastructure
  5. (Added in 2020) Describe the Autonomous Dedicated Fleet Admin Role
  6. (Added in 2020) Use Service Limits and Compartment Quotas
  • Connectivity
  1. (Added in 2020) Connect to APEX
  2. (Added in 2020) Use Wallet Change and Wallet Expire
  3. (Added in 2020) Use ACL and Private End Points
  4. (Added in 2020) Use Market Place Developer Image to connect to ADB
  • Monitoring Autonomous Database
  1. (Added in 2020) Use SQL Dev Web to monitor ADB
  2. (Added in 2020) Monitor Dedicated Infrastructure
  3. (Added in 2020) Describe  Enterprise Manager  
  4. (Added in 2020) Monitor ADB auto-scaling
  5. (Added in 2020) Set up service notifications
  • Provisioning
  1. (Added in 2020) Provision a Dedicated Autonomous Database
  2. (Added in 2020) Provision Dedicated Infrastructure
  3. (Added in 2020) Provision Auto scaling and billing
  4. (Added in 2020) Provision OCI policies needed for ADB including Fleet Admin, Market Place, and Notifications
  5. (Added in 2020) Provision a Dedicated Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure
  6. (Added in 2020) Provision a Dedicated Autonomous Container Database
  • Managing and Maintaining Autonomous Database
  1. (Added in 2020) Move resources options and results
  2. (Added in 2020) Explain Patching and Upgrade Processes
  3. (Added in 2020) Explain Data Safe
  4. Load data using DBMS_CLOUD
  5. Migrate to ADB using Data Pump
  6. (Added in 2020)  Use Auto Indexing
  7. (Added in 2020) Set up Compartment Quotas
  8. (Added in 2020) Perform Cloning (backup or live, version to clone to)

The 2020 version:

  • The number of questions increased from to 60!
  • The exam time still the same 85 minutes!

Study Autonomous Dedicated*****

And last but not least, stay away from Brain Dumps!

Best of luck
Alex Zaballa

2 comentários:

msmith48105 disse...


Is this exam completely different to 1z0-931 or are there some similar/same questions?

Do you have any other suggestions for study material as I do not have access to Oracle University Learning Subscription so unfortunately can only access the free course, and not the workshops.


Alex Zaballa disse...


Unfortunately, I can not talk about the questions, it's not allowed by Oracle Certification Program.

By the exam topics, there are 27 new topics on the 2020 version.
In this case, you can expect a lot of new questions.

If you don't have access to ULS, you can go to the official documentation:


I hope it helps!