quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2022

How to study for 1z0-084 - Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning

 Hi all,

About this exam, the only thing that I can say is: "It's hard, very...very....very hard".

Maybe that explains why we are not seeing people with this certification!

I needed 2 attempts to pass!

I hope Oracle is planning to allow us to download the PDFs again because the online reader is really bad. From 0 to 10, the usability of this tool is -1, especially on mobile devices.

A good starting point is here:


You have 30+ hours of videos and 1,200 PDF pages.

To my surprise, for this exam you also need to study Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop (It's not in the exam prereqs):


More 15+ hours of videos and 1,128 PDF pages.

Some of the content of this test are not in the videos or PDFs, this is why it's always good to read the Oracle Database 19c Performance official documentation.

1517 PDF pages.

A lot of questions are not in the Oracle University material or Oracle Documentation.

You need to read all the Optimizer Blob, Posts from Maria Colgan, and some MOS notes.

Unfortunately,  there is no practice exam to check what to expect during the exam.

And last but not least, stay away from Brain Dumps!

Best of luck
Alex Zaballa

5 comentários:

sofia g disse...

Thanks, Alex for this excellent article, I am preparing for taking the exam, and this information has been very useful.

Jose Manuel disse...

Hi Alex, if i dont complete "Tuning Workshop 19C" (as you said, it isnt in prereqs), could i take the exam?? or is it allowed?

Thanks in advance for you time and your answer

Alex Zaballa disse...


The course is not mandatory!
You can take the exam without it!

Good luck!

Ricardo disse...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your post. How long it took you to prepare for this exam? I am also getting preparing to take it.But there not so many materials some of the links you shared seems like are not working anymore.

Alex Zaballa disse...


About 3 months studying this topic 2 hours a day!

I just updated the links and it should be working now!

Thank you