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How to study for 1Z0-902 - Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials

 Hi all,

About the level of the exam, it's hard! Much harder than I expected (compared with previous Exadata exams)!

Maybe that explains why we are seeing a few people with this certification!

I hope Oracle is planning to allow us to download the PDFs again because the online reader is really bad. From 0 to 10, the usability of this tool is -1, especially on mobile devices.

A good starting point is here:

You have 26+ hours of videos and 1,140 PDF pages.

Some of the content of this test are not in the videos or PDFs, this is why it's always good to read the Exadata Database Machine Documentation.

Some of the questions are not in the Oracle University material.

I was not expecting to see questions about the Exadata rack Installation, but it's on the exam topics (I missed this).

In this case, I recommend you study the Installation and Configuration Guide for Exadata Database Machine

Unfortunately,  there is no practice exam to check what to expect during the exam.

And last but not least, stay away from Brain Dumps!

Best of luck
Alex Zaballa

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Riyaz disse...

Hi Alex,
To learn exadata do I have to learn the grid infrastructure(cluster warehouse,asm and rac) in detail?
And if possible can you display the incorrect questions topic names?
Thank you

Alex Zaballa disse...


To manage an Exadata, for sure you need to understand and have a good knowledge of all RAC components.

Not sure what you mean about "incorrect questions".