quinta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2021

That's a wrap - OCI Certifications 2021

Hi all,

I decided to take all the 2021 OCI exams to check what changed and guide people in the process of taking these certifications.

Well, not all the exams. I will do only the ones that I did in 2019/2020 and are the things that I work on a day-to-day basis. 🙂

And all done 🥳

Here, you can find a list of links to help you achieve these certifications:

How to study for 1Z0-1085-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2021 Associate


How to study for 1z0-1067-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Cloud Operations Associate


How to study for 1Z0-1084-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2021 Associate


How to study for 1Z0-1088-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Enterprise Workloads Associate


How to study for 1z0-931-21 - Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2021 Specialist


How to study for 1z0-1094-21 - Oracle Cloud Database Migration and Integration 2021 Specialist


How to study for 1Z0-1089-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 HPC and Big Data Solutions Associate


How to study for 1Z0-1072-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Architect Associate


How to study for 1z0-1076-21 - Oracle Cloud Platform Systems Management 2021 Specialist


How to study for 1z0-1070-21 - Oracle Cloud Platform Identity and Security Management 2021 Specialist


How to study for 1Z0-997-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Architect Professional


How to study for 1Z0-1093-21 - Oracle Cloud Database Services 2021 Specialist


How to study for 1Z0-1104-21 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security 2021 Associate


And last but not least, stay away from Brain Dumps!

Best of luck
Alex Zaballa

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